Trainer’s job specification

Education background:

  • Holding Master or PhD degree from reputed international universities, majoring in business, management, leadership development, human resource management, learning and development, strategic management, supply chain management, and other related fields*
  • English proficiency: should be able to provide training, teaching in English, equivalence to at least 7.0 IELTS

Training experience

  • Junior trainer: At least 3 years training experience at corporate or academic environment, i.e. internal trainer, professional trainers, educators in a high education institution
  • Senior trainer: At least 7 years

Working experience

  • Junior trainer: At least 7-10 years working experience. Management experience is a plus
  • Senior trainer: at least 15 years working experience

Trainer’s job specification – Junior

International Experience:

  • Having good international experience (working, studying, living, visiting)


  • Excellence in training delivery skills (communicating, presenting, preparing training materials and activities, organizing online and offline class activities, gaming, assessing student performance)
  • Good knowledge and skills in training course design (training need collection and assessment, outcome base course design, quality assurance of the training course)
  • Supportive and participative teamwork skills


  • Strong growth mindset, willingness to learn, readiness to change and confront challenges
  • Passionate for training and education
  • Align with 8 intellectual core values of Thinking School

Trainer’s job description

Training delivery

  • Prepare training materials and deliver training courses for corporate clients and individual students (online, offline, and blended mode)
  • Deliver internal and external seminars on innovative and development topics

Training course design and development

  • Conduct training need assessment to understand client needs
  • Work closely with Training Manager to develop and design training courses based on the TNA
  • Work closely and actively support Marketing Manager to marketing training courses

Quality assurance and continuous improvement

  • Support and work closely with Training Manager to conduct quality assurance and accreditation activities
  • Actively contribute to Thinking School’s life long learning culture

Compensation and Benefit

  • Negotiated competitive compensation and benefits based on actual performance
  • Working environment: young, dynamic, international, learning culture
  • Open for application: May 2020 until successfully recruited

Apply by filling out the following form:

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