Common problems with our thinking



1. Goal: Unclear, unrealistic about the objectives, problems, causes, and solutions; Lose track, un-focus on main goals; Focus on the trivial, less significant/ or irrelevant issues, things

2.Questions: Ask vague, loaded, biased, irrelevant, insignificant, confusing; Answer questions they are not competent to answer

3.Ideas: Miss key ideas; Use irrelevant ideas; Form confused ideas; Confuse issues of different types

4.Concept: Form superficial concepts; Misuse words

5.Information: Jump to a conclusion based on inaccurate or irrelevant information; Use only information that supports their view; Distort data and represent it inaccurately; using inaccurate information

6.Assumptions: Fail to notice their assumptions; Make unjustified assumptions; Lack up insight in their prejudices

7.Perspective: Fail to see issues from points of view other than their own; Ignore relevant viewpoints; Fail to notice contradictions

8. Inferences: Fail to notice the inferences they make; Make inferences not justified by their experience

9. Conclusions: jump right away to conclusion, come to unreasonable conclusions

10.Thinking approach: Think narrowly; Think imprecisely; Think illogically; Think one-sidedly; Think simplistically; Think hypocritically; Think superficially; Think ethnocentrically; Think egocentrically; Think irrationally



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