1. Cấu trúc trả lời của 2 bài này là gì? Họ có theo các bullet points cho sẵn không?
    2. Đánh giá tiêu chí Vocab và Coherence của 2 bài Sample answer này?
    3. Phân tích các thì của động từ được dùng trong bài? Các thì được sử dụng? Cụm từ nào bạn tâm đắc và sẽ sử dụng.
    4. So sánh 2 sample answer: về từ vựng, về cách dẫn dắt, bố cục…. và nêu cảm nhận của bạn: bạn thấy phiên bản nào hấp dẫn hơn hơn và phiên bản nào bạn muốn học hỏi, vì sao?
    • Sample 1:It is regrettable that Hanoi, where I’m living, is negatively affected by pollution and the major environmental problems it is facing are water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. There are various reasons why this city is badly polluted. Firstly, due to modernization, more and more vehicles such as cars and motorbikes are used. This leads to an increase in exhaust emissions which contaminate the atmosphere, not to mention the rising level of noise pollution. Secondly, factories and industrial zones in the city have discharged a huge amount of untreated waste into rivers, causing death to many fish and other aquatic animals. In fact, pollution makes people here less healthy, and some even suffer from life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, skin cancer, and so on. Therefore, the government must deal with this problem right away. Cutting down on vehicle use is the best way to reduce air pollution and noise pollution. We can do this by encouraging people to use public transportation. Besides, those who litter should pay a heavy fine. Finally, I think the best solution is to raise awareness and educate people to protect the environment.
    • Sample 2:Well, if I have to talk about a polluted place I’ve been to, it would be Ho Chi Minh City. It’s located in the Southern part of Vietnam. I’ve been living here for around 2 years. When I first came here, I was so surprised how polluted the city is. It’s so different from my hometown which is a green and clean rural area. There are many kinds of pollution here: air pollution, water pollution and even noise pollution. There are so many vehicles on the streets and they make noises and emit fumes all the time. It was especially terrible travelling on the street during peak hours. Besides, it’s easy to see trash in rivers and lakes because some people just throw their waste into these community water sources without any awareness of the damage to the surrounding environment. It’s even worse that some factories also dump dirty water and other waste directly into rivers so many of them are black and smelly. I think the pollution affects people’s lives in a negative way. Air pollution can cause serious respiratory diseases such as asthma or lung cancer. Water is polluted so people may face water scarcity in the future and the noise can drive people crazy because it’s really annoying and distracting. Many animals living in water are also affected, too. They are losing their habitats or food source since the water is contaminated. Some of them may become extinct if we do not take action now. I hope the government will have some kinds of campaigns or TV shows to raise people’s awareness of protecting the environment and plant more trees in the city to improve air quality.
  • THỨ 4 – THỨ 6: CHỌN 1 BÀI MẪU: Học thuộc mẫu và quay video trình bày trong 2p – Hoặc tự brainstorm ý tưởng trong 1p và trả lời câu hỏi trong 2p theo ý riêng của bạn.
  • THỨ 7: Post video bạn quay bài đã học thuộc lòng, tải lên youtube và nộp vào WEB
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